EAP for Employees

Bangkok EAP is for employees and their household and family members. Our EAP counsellors provide assessment, counselling sessions, support and referrals.

Counselling Services

  • Face-to-Face, Skype, or telephone counselling
  • Onsite counselling sessions
  • Individual counselling
  • Couple counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Young people well-being

When to Seek EAP

There are many reasons why people seek EAP. Life challenges can be demanding and they can impact the ability to manage day-to-day living or the role as a parent, a family member, or an employee. No matter what your concerns are, our counsellors are here to listen.

Example of issues that the EAP can help with:

  • Workplace issues such as relationships with coworkers or solving a difficult problem
  • Substance use and abuse
  • Emotional distress, coping with stress, feelings of anxiety or panic
  • Major life events, including births, accidents and deaths
  • Health care concerns such as eating habits or sleeping difficulties
  • Financial or non-work-related legal concerns
  • Family or personal relationship issues
  • Concerns about aging parents

EAP for Everyone

Besides enhancing workplace environment and employees’ well-being, the EAP also benefits managers and supervisors. Bangkok EAP provides seminars and training events for management development and support. In addition, the organisation as a whole also benefits from the EAP with reduced absences from employees, lower turnover and accident rates, and increased savings from avoided medical costs of health care claims.

Other EAP benefits

  • Seminars for staff on the topic of interest, such as work/life balance or coping with stress.
  • Training events for managers or supervisors on the issues of interest, such as effective communication or how to support employees
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the EAP
EAP for workplace enhancement